Catjump Preschool was officially opened in 1975 and was established through the vision and hard work of families living in the area at the time. There is a long and rich history of community involvement and ownership of the preschool by families, children, teachers, staff and members of the local community. This strong sense of belonging and community underpins the learning programs for the children and helps promote the notion it takes a community to raise a child.

The Preschool’s Philosophy Statement has been a collaborative process between the Committee of Management, Families, Teachers, and Staff and most importantly is a vivid reflection of our Children’s voices. The Statement of Philosophy was reviewed in 2017.


Commitment and Values:

  • Fostering and maintaining a strong sense of community and belonging amongst the families, children, teachers, Committee of Management and members of the local community.
  • Acknowledging and respecting the important role parents and family play in achieving the best learning outcomes for children.
  • Ensuring the Educational Program:
    • Continually strives to meet the highest standards of early childhood  education incorporating the National Quality Framework and Standards in the curriculum decision making. The learning and development program is continually evolving to reflect current research and thinking to improve the children’s learning outcomes. This includes developing sustainability programs, targeting activities to develop the children’s exposure, experience and knowledge of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.
    • Honours the United Nations Rights of the child in acknowledging all children have a right to learning opportunities irrespective of their race, colour, sex, language, religion or where they were born or who they were born to.
    • Nurtures the children in a safe and calm
    • Acknowledges and addresses children’s different learning styles, abilities, interests, temperatures, rates of learning and culture.
    • Enhances each child’s learning and development whilst encouraging both independent and group exploration, celebrating competence and providing further challenges.
    • Develops awareness and celebrates the connection to Australian Indigenous culture and traditions.
    • Allows children opportunities to make choices and decisions and to be active in influencing events in their world.
    • Is committed to promoting and protecting each child’s health and wellbeing through a strong commitment to prevention and health promotion programs, including a targeted awareness/physical education program, policies and achievements (Accredited Kids-Go-For-Your-Life achievement and renewal; Asthma accredited; Sun smart accredited, Child safe strategies are embedded in the learning and development program and staff participate in regular training/community awareness programs.
    • The service is committed to protecting each child’s health by ensuring children are fully immunised, before commencing at the service or assist in supporting families to engage in catch-up programs. 
  • Teachers are highly skilled and undertake continuous professional development, critical reflection and collaborations with the educational leader through a range of experiences including regular staff meetings.
  • Teachers provide educational ‘scaffolding’ that recognizes and values the children’s involvement in learning; is flexible; encourages exploration; experimentation and appropriate risk taking in natural and structured learning environments. 
  • Teachers work closely with the Committee of Management to ensure there is an ongoing cycle of critical reflection, collaboration and continuous improvement.
  • Children’s learning is recognized as a valuable journey; a process containing both triumphs and failures; shared discoveries; meaningful interactions with others and allows children time to be in the moment enjoying an ‘authentic’ childhood.