Our Committee

The Committee is elected by members of the association to control and manage the business affairs of the Association. The Committee is the decision-making body and has the power and responsibility to ensure proper management of the Preschool. The Committee, along with the staff, has a range of legal responsibilities in managing the business of the Association as well as the responsibility of employing, managing and supporting staff, and determining the broad direction of the service for the future. The Committee is also responsible for wages, budgets, maintenance, safety, fundraising, and liaising with the Department of Education & Early Childhood Development (DEECD) on numerous matters.

Committee of Management – 2019

Should you wish to contact one of the committee members please use the email addresses below:

President – Damie Tan
Email: president@catjumppreschool.org.au

President (second in charge) – Lisa Godino
Email: President2@catjumppreschool.org.au

Vice President – Staff Liason – Nicole Sargeant
Email: vpstaffliason@catjumppreschool.org.au

Vice President – Grants and Resolutions – Shane Scott
Email: vpgrants@catjumppreschool.org.au

Treasurer – Scott Sargeant
Email: treasurer@catjumppreschool.org.au

Secretary – Candice Moodie
Email: secretary@catjumppreschool.org.au

Payroll Officer – Michael Eliades
Email: payroll@catjumppreschool.org.au

Correspondance Secretary – Carmen Dal Castello
Email: correspondence@catjumppreschool.org.au

Occupational Health and Safety Officer – Louise Norman
Email: healthandsafety@catjumppreschool.org.au

Quality Assesment Officer – Policies – Shane Scott and Cassie Walker
Email: policy@catjumppreschool.org.au

Quality Assesment Officer  – QIP – Mark Redmond
Email: qip@catjumppreschool.org.au

Fees – Kate Lockwood
Email: fees@catjumppreschool.org.au

Purchasing Officer – Carmen Dal Castello
Email: purchasing@catjumppreschool.org.au

Maintenance Officer – Sam Godino
Email: maintenance@catjumppreschool.org.au

Website/App Coordinator – Raymond Chan
Email: websitecoordinator@catjumppreschool.org.au

Book Club Officer – Elly Politis
Email: bookclub@catjumppreschool.org.au

Newsletter Co-ordinator – Jeannie Wong
Email: newsletter@catjumppreschool.org.au