“I could not be happier, with the decision I made to enrol  my daughter at Catjump Preschool.   Catjump has fantastic facilities, and is a very friendly environment.  The Kinder on a whole is a very welcoming place.
The outdoor play  area is spacious, and backs onto a park where you often hear the kookaburras singing in the pine trees.

The Educators are wonderful, and extremely nurturing and caring.They offer a wonderful program which provides structure as well as offering many activities for the children to explore, learn, experience and  develop new skills  including incursions and excursions.  If you are looking for an exceptional Preschool, I highly recommend Catjump!”



“Catjump Kinder provides a caring and nurturing learning environment that allows children to develop their social and educational behaviours.  Our son Jake has thrived through the kinder 3 program, allowing him to grow in confidence and ready himself for the step into kinder 4.

Both Kate and I have joined the committee of Catjump to be part of its success and enjoy the relationship of other parents.”

Kate and Justin


“The Catjump kinder experience has been a joy for our family.  We have felt included and welcomed in all areas of the kinder.  There is a real sense of community – a feeling that people care about one another and are there for each other.  It’s been wonderful watching how the educators expertly bring the children together and instil those all important behaviours to set them up for successful transition into school.  I am constantly amazed at how calm and organised the environment is, yet stimulating and fun at the same time!  Catjump is a truly authentic kindergarten experience, all the while under the shade of the beautiful old pine trees.”



“Luke has absolutely loved coming to kinder at Cat Jump. It is a warm, friendly and extremely welcoming environment and you know that your child is in wonderful hands. Marina and Kellie always go above and beyond our expectations in terms of new, exciting and engaging activities for the kids – nothing is too hard for them. A highlight for Luke and I was attending the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra which sparked a great interest in music and percussion instruments. The children are so lucky to attend a kinder in truly beautiful surrounds with such experienced and passionate teachers.”