At Catjump we endeavour to have our families updated with all the necessary information in regards the childrens health and well being.

An update from SunSmart… From September bring out the hats!

Vitamin D is essential for healthy bones, muscles and general wellbeing. The best natural source of vitamin D is the sun’s UV.
From May to August when UV levels are low (below 3), Victorian services are advised to put sunhats and other sun protection gear away and ensure staff and children get some sun for vitamin D. At this time of the year, people need to expose their face, arms and hands (or equivalent area of skin) to midday winter sun for 2-3 hours spread over the week. Those with naturally very dark skin may need 3-6 times this amount. Sun protection is not required at this time of year, unless near highly reflective surfaces such as snow, outside for extended periods or when the UV reaches 3 and above.
SunSmart’s tips to help your service get some sun exposure for vitamin D:

  • Physical activity assists with production of vitamin D, so get the children outside and active in the middle of the day.
  • Clothing acts as a barrier to vitamin D absorption, so put away the hat and roll up the sleeves when you’re outdoors.
  • Upload SunSmart’s UV Alert widget to your service’s website to know the times when sun protection is or isn’t required.
  • Share the vitamin D message with families using SunSmart’s vitamin D information sheets available in 12 different languages.
  • Visit the SunSmart website where children can create a personalised vitamin D poster.

For more information and resources download the free SunSmart app or visit